Product Safety

Our Body Butters are a creamy sensation made with natural and organic ingredients. We create all products by hand in Las Vegas, NV. If you haven't heard the temperatures here exceed 100 degrees during the summers. Due to this our Body Butters can melt during transit. With that being said we do take the proper precautions regarding these issues, i.e shipping earlier during the week or slightly freezing before shipment. 

Due to the rising temperatures your body butter(s) may seem half full if melted. We ensure you, we always fill our containers to the tip top but natural ingredients can melt. To ensure you get the best effects of you body butters, be sure not to leave them in direct light, in the mailbox too long, or out in the sun. If this does happen, just pop your butter in the freezer or fridge for 10-25 minutes, it will solidify and be ready to use again with all the same skin loving benefits.